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In the last weekend of October 2013 I traveled from The Netherlands (that’s where I live) to train at To-Shin Do Wirral. My experience during the whole weekend was great. On day 1 I was welcomed at the Airport by Mr. Hesketh, the Instructor, and the Trainer of the Dojo. In the afternoon they had arranged a 3 hours private session for me with a training partner, and in the evening we had a special dinner with members of the Dojo to celebrate the Dojo’s 10th year anniversary. On day 2 there was training in a special 5 hours long seminar.

When it comes to high quality, uplifting, motivating and clear instruction as well as sincere interest in a student’s growth and a sense of building a community then Mr. Hesketh and his team of Trainers and Coaches absolutely live up to my expectation.

Hilversum, The Netherlands.

Summer Quest 2014

Watch this page for more information on the 2014 Summer Quest


Dates have been confirmed!

Friday 22nd August – An evening with the Russo’s (Open to all grades)

Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th – Following the 2014 To-Shin Do Theme


Missed the 31st March deadline? No worries you can still register for this amazing event!

Payable in cash, cheque, or via paypal

Please fill in the form below to pay via paypal, we will then send you an invoice for the deposit!


Training Options
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The Seminar is being held at the Bidston Tennis Centre, Wirral, CH41  7EJ

Ninja Kids Class

Ninja Kids Class


Class Times

Sundays 1:30-2:30pm

Tuesdays 7-8pm

Thursdays 7-8pm

All classes are included for a monthly price of £29.99 & receive a free uniform when you sign your child up!

Our classes teach children the important lessons of

  • Confidence
  • Self-Protection
  • Concentration
  • Respect

All while having fun in our safe & friendly environment!

Here is a link to a clip of our Ninja Kids!

 Ninja Kids Clip

Try a class for free!

Getting involved couldn’t be simpler!

Take advantage of a free first lesson for all new students!


Email us at Questdojo@yahoo.co.uk or phone us at 07956634203 or fill in the form below to arrange your free lesson!


Free lessons are available at the following times:

Tuesday 7-8pm

Thursday 7-8pm

Sunday 2:30-3:30pm


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Welcome to

To-Shin Do Liverpool & Wirral

Our school teaches authentic Stephen K. Hayes To-Shin Do

Realistic self protection for the 21st century!

Basingstoke 2013

Intelligent Self-Defense

To-Shin Do® Martial Arts training leads to living life fully, fearlessly, and freely.

  • You handle challenging moments in life decisively, powerfully, successfully…
  • You take command…
  • You move like a real hero…
  • You shield those you care for…
  • You are like a fortress of inner and outer strength

We can show you how to do that.


CTI Members Page

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Frequently Asked Questions

Email your questions to Questdojo@yahoo.co.uk

I am in my late 40′s, am i too old to train?
Age is not an issue when it comes to studying Stephen K. Hayes To-Shin Do.
We have students training at our Dojo who are in their late 50′s and they have no problems.
In some cases the younger students have trouble keeping up with them!

Do i have to be super fit like the martial artists i see in the movies?
    No, You don’t need to be super fit to study To-shin Do. During your classes we will
assist you in improving your fitness and flexibility.

How do i know you are the real thing? I have trained with other instructors who claim to be the top guy of this or grandmaster of that.
I would not have any problem with a potential student checking my authenticity with
the Hombu Dojo in Dayton, Ohio.

I have heard people refer to you as being the founder of To-Shin Do in the UK and Europe?
I am not the founder of anything, lets get that cleared up. The only founder of To-shin Do worldwide is An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes and Co-founder An-Shu Rumiko Hayes.
As a teacher of Stephen K. Hayes To-Shin Do I wouldn’t be so egotistical to make such a claim, as would anyone who has spent time training within this art.
I often say that I feel privileged to be given the opportunity by Mr & Mrs Hayes to teach
this art. I never consider it a right to do so.

Is the training safe or can i expect injuries that will stop me from working?
The safety of the student is of the utmost importance. We train in a very safe manner
where students work within their own comfort zone and at their own speed of

Is To-Shin Do a sport or will it protect me in real life?
To-Shin Do is a reality based self-protection system to develop skills to deal with not just physical situations but also emotional and mental attacks.

I have an old back injury that does not bother me in normal life, but prevents me in doing high kicks. Will this be a problem?
As with any past injuries we would recommend that you consult a doctor before taking on any physical activity. As we don’t tend to attempt high kicks your back problem shouldn’t be a problem and as with anything you feel uncomfortable attempting during training you can inform the instructor.

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Upcoming workshops

Don’t miss out on our great training opportunities in  2014

Be sure to book your place early, space is always limited to ensure Mr. Hesketh can spend time with each student.

Content of Seminars to be confirmed


22-23-24 August 2014

SummerQuest with Sentoshi & Jotoshi Russo

Wirral, United Kingdom


26th October 2014 – 11th Anniversary Seminar

16th December 2014




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** The entrance for the building and the  car park at the rear of the building is on Pasture road, just before Moreton train station on the opposite side**


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